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This is how you make great decisions

mind May 17, 2018

Decisions can sometimes feel superhard to make. It can be overwhelming and frustrating at the same time. Is mind just playing tricks on you or could you learn to know which option is the best for you? I claim that you can and are about to explain how.

Nobody teaches us how to make best possible decisions in life. Decision making seems to be battle between rationalizing mind and emotional heart. We are not taughed how to deal with emotions so it´s easy to rationalize things instead.

Emotions are often seen as scary and random. But they are not. You have a build-in guidance system in you and it works through emotions. You are receiving guidance from your higher self and it´s making you feel certain way. Good emotion means yes and negative emotion means no. Now you just need to tune in to your emotions.

Make lasting, good feeling decisions

When you are struggling with decision making, write all the options down. There are at least 2 options, most likely more. After writing...

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Dealing with rejection

mind Jan 10, 2018

I´m sitting in the dark in my apartment. I feel deep sadness after thinking about some people from my past. I feel like I miss someone or something, that is no longer here. Since I´m always curious to know what´s going on when I feel low, I decided to investigate myself about this melancholic feeling.

As time goes by, I seem to be more and more allergic to lower vibrations that certain thoughts and feelings create. This is a story of what I found.

Over the years I have lost and walked out of few friendships and relationships. Sometimes in a more dramatic way than other times. In some cases the "break-up" didn´t bother me that much, two people seemed just to be going into their own directions. And everything happened with ease organically and those relationships just stopped excisting. It felt right and okay.



Now that I think of it, in most cases when I felt okay about relationship ending, I was...

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Shift Fear Based Thinking

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2018

Fear is so deeply rooted in human mind that it´s hard sometimes to even detect it. We do so many things based on fear and are completely clueless about it.

End of the day the choice is am I going to live from love or fear? Am I going to let love or fear guide me? Until there is enough faith for heart´s desires, fear will win decision making. Becoming aware of fear based thinking is a great place to start shifting into love.

When you wake up in the morning, you most likely take some vitamins. Have you asked yourself why you actually take those pills? Marketers tell you to take your vitamins, so you don´t end up with deficit of some sort.

By taking daily pills, you are hoping to avoid illness, that might arise from lacking certain crucial vitamins in your body. Lack is a thought based on fear. Instead of thinking getting deficit, could you think that you are nourishing your cells?

Then you get ready to go to work, which you might hate or dislike but for now it pays...

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Embrace the mud

Embrace muddy times in your life

Sometimes life hits with curve balls and it seems like it´s mocking everything you worked for. At times life feels unfair, like it would be working against you instead of for you. Mind says that you did nothing to deserve this. It´s easy to think why is this happening to me and feel sorry for oneself.

It´s one of the most unproductive states to be in. When you think life is working against you, your focus is on the negative aspects. Even though sometimes it´s good to embrace negative feelings as well, the way out of misery lies in getting a new perspective. Unless you enjoy muddy bath and decide to stay there longer.

When you notice yourself sinking into victimhood and feeling that life works against you, ask yourself set of questions to shift your thinking into something more productive.

How could this be serving me in the long run? Steve Jobs took a caligraphy class after dropping out from his major. That class was a base...

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Do you want to be safe or happy?

If you had to choose either happiness or safety, which one would it be? Most choose safety. That´s why there are so many people who don´t feel empowered and whose life doesn´t feel good. Safety is tricky trap of the mind and mind tells to look for it outside of yourself. From things like money, relationship or being accepted. But real safety can never be found outside, it´s inner knowing.

Chasing safety in life comes from the perspective of limited mind and is based on fear. Someone tries to have certain amount of money to feel safe. Only to find out that there is not enough money in the world to bring that feeling. Another one chooses to stay in unhappy relationship because they are afraid to be alone. Happiness can´t be found while living from fear and making choices based on it. It´s just not possible. They come from different sources, happiness comes from heart and fear from mind.

It took me years to take a leap of faith and choose happiness...

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Find your calling

calling spiritual growth Nov 11, 2017

Calling is something that your soul came here to do. You are not just a body and a mind, you are eternal being having human experience. But it´s easy to forget that and get caught up in human stuff. Worrying about money, are we ever going to make it, what others think and how are relationships doing. Focus goes easily outside of yourself and it's easy to blame circumstances and other people of personal misery.

I have done all that. Blamed on others for making me feel certain way, blamed on circumstances for not making me happy and believing lack of money stops me from having my dream life. But all of that was complete nonsense. They were all just excuses and made me avoid to take responsibility of my own actions and life.

Conscious living is about understanding that everything around you are just reflections. They mirror things and feelings that you are having. Let´s say you walk around with angry mindset. You will for sure find many things to make you even more angry....

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Right kind of motivation

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What to do when shit hits the fan

At times life just sucks you in it´s web. Hello negative thoughts, downward spiral in energy and all kinds of crab happening simultaneously. I don´t know if it´s Universe´s cruel joke but it seems there is always a bundle of shit when it starts to hit the fan. If it was just one thing, then it could be more easily managed. But no, it´s shitload and everything seems to come down at once. What a beautiful experience.

When it happens and life is showing it´s ugly face, what can you do to get yourself out of that downward spiral? Here are my top 3 tips how to get yourself out and feeling better again.

Thoughts are energy. More you think about negative stuff, more you feel like shit. Thoughts are energy and they are affecting your energy field all the time. But instead of forcing yourself to try thinking positive stuff (which is not going to work, if you don´t believe those thoughts), try surrendering to your thoughts. Let´s say I would...

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Stop needing and start choosing

Everyone wants to feel that they are in charge of their lives but very few feel that it´s true. We get so caught up in living from outside impulses that we forget how to live from the powercenter we already have in us.

How many things in your life you think that you NEED to get done and do? I would stop right there with the word need. Basically when you are telling yourself that you need to do this and that, what you are really saying is "I hate to do this, but I´m forcing myself anyway." No wonder life feels pretty shitty from doing things day in and out from thought energy like that.

So how to shift gears and start to feel that you actually CHOOSE what you want to do and put your energy into? With self-empowerment. What I mean by empowerment is that you start realizing that nobody other than yourself is making you to do anything. You actually are the chooser of everything you decide to do. It´s just easy and unresponsible to outsource that to someone else like a...

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Letting people go

There's a belief that we should hold on to people, that we have once chosen into our lives. It can be friendship, marriage or any other bond. One day or over the years we realize, that this relationship doesn't feel good anymore. Maybe it hasn't for a long time but out of a habit, we still keep the person around. 

In my own journey I have let loads of people go. At first it was heartbreaking but then when I realized what really is going on, I started to feel good about it. I will explain how I understand this.

We are eternal souls having human experience. We are made of energy, which is so densified it seems like it's solid. With that energy we send out vibration just like radio tower. We vibrate on the frequency of our thoughts, feelings and inner being called soul. Everything that is going on in us, affects the frequency we are on. In Universe same kind of frequencies attract each other, which is know as law of attraction.

We live our daily life and one day someone comes into...

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