Embrace the mud

Embrace muddy times in your life ❤️

Sometimes life hits with curve balls and it seems like it´s mocking everything you worked for. At times life feels unfair, like it would be working against you instead of for you. Mind says that you did nothing to deserve this. It´s easy to think why is this happening to me and feel sorry for oneself.

It´s one of the most unproductive states to be in. When you think life is working against you, your focus is on the negative aspects. Even though sometimes it´s good to embrace negative feelings as well, the way out of misery lies in getting a new perspective. Unless you enjoy muddy bath and decide to stay there longer.

When you notice yourself sinking into victimhood and feeling that life works against you, ask yourself set of questions to shift your thinking into something more productive.

How could this be serving me in the long run? Steve Jobs took a caligraphy class after dropping out from his major. That class was a base for Apple´s beautiful lettering. Maybe you think that yeah Steve Jobs did all kinds of things you will never do, but remember that none of us are superhumans. We are all dealing with the same kind of struggles and life teaches us in many ways. You might not see or understand it right now, but in time it will make sense why this phase is happening. 

I use to hate muddy periods or the times when I was not able to do what I wanted. Maybe I couldn´t afford something or just general internal dissatisfaction was there. Or maybe I felt stuck and didn´t have any clue where to head next in life. After playing in the mud enough times, I realized that it serves as well. While playing with mud something starts to arise and take over the old thoughts. I have got my most amazing realizations during muddy times. It might not be fun and enjoyable to play in the mud yet those times have served me greatly in a long run.

Could this experience teach you something? If life was always just fun and rainbows, we would never learn anything during this precious journey. It´s the mud and teachings in the rut that mold us. I´m not just talking about developing a character, I mean how muddy periods give perspective and appreciation for the times when life flows.

Muddy times also tell a lot about beliefs. Maybe you didn´t get what you wanted but only thing we can ever get disappointed on are expectations. Without expecting particular outcome it´s impossible to be disappointed. Contrasts show us what we want and what we don´t want. Maybe during this muddy period you will just become more clear on what you really want.

So embrace playing in the mud, make a great facial with it. It might not feel good, but it´s still serving. Otherwise it would not be happening. Universe always knows what it´s doing. ❤️


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