Shift Fear Based Thinking

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2018

Fear is so deeply rooted in human mind that it´s hard sometimes to even detect it. We do so many things based on fear and are completely clueless about it.

End of the day the choice is am I going to live from love or fear? Am I going to let love or fear guide me? Until there is enough faith for heart´s desires, fear will win decision making. Becoming aware of fear based thinking is a great place to start shifting into love.

When you wake up in the morning, you most likely take some vitamins. Have you asked yourself why you actually take those pills? Marketers tell you to take your vitamins, so you don´t end up with deficit of some sort.

By taking daily pills, you are hoping to avoid illness, that might arise from lacking certain crucial vitamins in your body. Lack is a thought based on fear. Instead of thinking getting deficit, could you think that you are nourishing your cells?

Then you get ready to go to work, which you might hate or dislike but for now it pays the bills.  So you go to there, which doesn´t really excite you anymore on a daily basis, but you do it because you want to avoid lack of money. We´ve all been there.


Instead of feeling miserable and optionless, could you think you are doing this, until you find something more suitable? There is a big shift in thinking "I´m trapped" to "I have options".

After work you meet up with a friend, who invited you for dinner couple weeks back. You don´t really resonate with the person anymore but you still go, because you want to keep your options open when it comes to friendships. Better to have many than none, right?

You don´t want the other person to know, that you kind of grew out of them. So you keep meeting them based on fear of ending up with less friends, that you used to have.



In order to heal from this "history based friendship" trap, one needs faith. Faith that by letting someone go, there will open up space for new people to replace old ones. New friends, who match your vibrational wavelenght better.

Before going to bed your significant other decides to open up about his crappy day. While listening his outburst, you hope to just say out loud what you really think about it. But that might get you into an argument, hurting feelings or just into bad vibes. So you choose to be quiet, maybe out of fear or just out of pure love. 


There is a beautiful mind trap, when we think that we don´t say something because we don´t want to hurt someone´s feelings. Honestly we are then just avoiding to face the consequences it brings. Many people I know are confrontation avoiders.

If we can´t even face our own emotions, how could we face them in others? You can´t really hurt anyones feelings, unless they let you to. The issue is already there, you just happen to trigger it more with your words. But it´s way more fun to blame others of triggering oneself (aka hurting feelings) than taking responsibility of one´s own shit :) 



But it´s all good and perfect, even life based on fear. Or you could shift your thinking into more loving direction. Take vitamins to nourish your cells. Go to work, so you can buy more time to think what you want next. Talk to people from your past and enjoy noticing that you have grown apart. Keep your mouth shut at times, sometimes that´s just smart.

When you find yourself acting from fear, be kind and work on shifting perspective. Ask yourself do I want to come into life from fear or love? It´s all about the perspective, my friend.

Sending love vibes on your way,

Kaisa W Koskinen

Spiritual Guide, M.Sc. Economics, Licensed Trainer of NLP, VortexHealing Healer


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