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calling spiritual growth Nov 11, 2017

Calling is something that your soul came here to do. You are not just a body and a mind, you are eternal being having human experience. But it´s easy to forget that and get caught up in human stuff. Worrying about money, are we ever going to make it, what others think and how are relationships doing. Focus goes easily outside of yourself and it's easy to blame circumstances and other people of personal misery.

I have done all that. Blamed on others for making me feel certain way, blamed on circumstances for not making me happy and believing lack of money stops me from having my dream life. But all of that was complete nonsense. They were all just excuses and made me avoid to take responsibility of my own actions and life.

Conscious living is about understanding that everything around you are just reflections. They mirror things and feelings that you are having. Let´s say you walk around with angry mindset. You will for sure find many things to make you even more angry. If you walk around with concern, life will show you all kinds of things to worry about. This is a mindset game, you decide what is yours and how you let life make you feel. You can give yourself something always align to, something that will always make you feel good.

That something can be your calling. Finding your calling will help you align yourself even in the toughest situations. It´s going to support you to get your act together. Whenever life get´s you trickered, you are able to tune back to your alignment. And shift with your mindset and feelings. You are able to remind yourself what is your life really about, what did you come here to EXPRESS.

How to find your calling then? There´s multiple ways from meditation to set a questions. These are the ones that have helped me the most to find it and support others to find theirs:

  • If you would die at this moment, seeing your kids express or experience what would make it okay for you to leave them? When you would not be here anymore to guide them, what would you want them to express in the world?
  • What makes you feel alive and superexcited in life? Your calling is not what you are doing then, it´s the inner feeling that comes from it and makes every cell in your body feel alive.
  • When you tune into yourself, into your core for example in meditation, what quality arises from there? What is your heart, core being vibrating about?
  • During meditation imagine your soul arriving through the Universe into it´s earth incarnation. Right before you incarnate, you have a clarity about your mission. What is that mission? What did you come here to help with or express?

Calling is often thought about being about yourself. How could you solve something or bring forth to yourself. But here´s the trick. Your calling is part of you but it´s not about you. As a soul you came here to evolve and have different experiences, but you didn´t come here just for yourself. You are here also for the collective. So even though everyone has a calling as a soul, your calling is expressed in this world through others. So even though you would not have anything to do with something happening, it would still make your heart sing because you are seeing your calling happen in others.

So state your calling: My calling is people.... add a verb and add a subject. For example my calling is people embracing everything. And when you tune into your calling sentence and say it to yourself, you can feel how it aligns you to your true being. It´s your soul´s expression in this lifetime.

Words in your calling can change and shift over time. It can have different expressions of the same thing. So don´t worry if you try on something and then it doesn´t feel right after some time. Try on something else that you feel aligned with and experience how it makes you feel. You know it´s right when you get superemotional about it or just feel like a click in you.

It also might take some time to hit the sweet spot. It took me months and all that time served a purpose. I was able to not be so obsessed about it anymore and then when it surfaced, it came with ease and clarity. Give yourself time and stop THINKING about it. Your calling doesn´t come from your mind so it´s pointless try to search for it there.

If you want support with finding your calling, I am here for you.

Spread love, Kaisa

Kaisa W Koskinen, Spiritual Coach

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