Letting people go

There's a belief that we should hold on to people, that we have once chosen into our lives. It can be friendship, marriage or any other bond. One day or over the years we realize, that this relationship doesn't feel good anymore. Maybe it hasn't for a long time but out of a habit, we still keep the person around. 

In my own journey I have let loads of people go. At first it was heartbreaking but then when I realized what really is going on, I started to feel good about it. I will explain how I understand this.

We are eternal souls having human experience. We are made of energy, which is so densified it seems like it's solid. With that energy we send out vibration just like radio tower. We vibrate on the frequency of our thoughts, feelings and inner being called soul. Everything that is going on in us, affects the frequency we are on. In Universe same kind of frequencies attract each other, which is know as law of attraction.

We live our daily life and one day someone comes into our life kind of like out of nowhere. You meet this other amazing being somewhere and you guys bond right away. It seems there is bonding in thoughts and common interests, but really there is similarity in frequency. You might feel you have known this person for a long time and maybe you have on a soul level. This is the person your consciousness wanted you to meet and brought it to you. For your growth, to mirror and reflect something. It was not a coinsidence. 

Then something happens, the other person does something or just over the years connection seems to fade. We get upset and hurt. Maybe there's some difficulties and fighting in the relationship, whether it´s friendship or companionship. But yet still we hold on to it. Whole relationship starts to feel like a burden rather than source of joy. Then comes the thought, should I let this person go or should I stay?

In my world, only reason why people hold on to anything is fear. Fear of not having someone. Fear of being alone. Fear of hurting or upseting someone. Fear of what others might think. Fear of letting someone go without knowing who is going to replace them.

Let's look at the Universe perspective. Your consciousness brought someone into your life for your growth and to share experiences with. Once it is done, connection has served it's purpose. You learned what you needed and got the realizations that were there for you. Your consciousness wants you to move on into a new experience. But the mind wants to stop this natural process out of fear. Instead of moving on, you stay put. 

But by staying around people who don't vibrate on your level anymore, you make sure to keep yourself from not growing. In other words small and living out of fear. Do you want to keep yourself small, not growing and in frequency that you're not in anymore? Just because of fear?

In energy perspective, there needs to be space for new energies to come in. So if you are holding on to old stuff that is outdated, there is no space for new things to enter. You want amazing new experiences to enter your life, right? If so, then feel good about letting some people go. Thank them in your heart for the lessons they gave you and move on.

We shift all the time. Let people come and go out of your life without trying to interfere the natural process. If it doesn't feel good anymore, you have shifted into another frequency and it's time to let that person go. Maybe they will enter your life later, maybe not. Anyway something more suitable is on it's way. Embrace that!

Om Namah Shivaya,

Kaisa Koskinen, Spiritual Coach

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