What to do when shit hits the fan

At times life just sucks you in it´s web. Hello negative thoughts, downward spiral in energy and all kinds of crab happening simultaneously. I don´t know if it´s Universe´s cruel joke but it seems there is always a bundle of shit when it starts to hit the fan. If it was just one thing, then it could be more easily managed. But no, it´s shitload and everything seems to come down at once. What a beautiful experience.

When it happens and life is showing it´s ugly face, what can you do to get yourself out of that downward spiral? Here are my top 3 tips how to get yourself out and feeling better again.

Thoughts are energy. More you think about negative stuff, more you feel like shit. Thoughts are energy and they are affecting your energy field all the time. But instead of forcing yourself to try thinking positive stuff (which is not going to work, if you don´t believe those thoughts), try surrendering to your thoughts. Let´s say I would think that I am worthless piece of shit. Instead of trying to resist the thought, I suggest surrendering to it. I would tell myself that okay, I think I am complete failure. I would sense how that feels and ask myself so what? Does my world end? Do I loose everything in my life because I am a failure? After surrendering you will notice, how ridiculous your thought is. It´s the resistance of the thought that takes so much energy. And as long as you try to resist something, it persists. Only by surrendering to it you are able to see if it really works for you, do you really believe in it and how ridiculous it seems to tell yourself stuff like that.

Feelings are guiding you into right direction. Have you ever heard about emotional guidance system? Feelings have a purpose. To align us. When you believe in thoughts that are far from alignment of your true being, you will feel really shitty. Further your thought is from the truth, worse it feels. So start using your emotions as a guidance from yourself. When you feel bad about something, ask yourself what must I believe is true, in order to feel this way? Let´s say your heart just got broken. What makes you sad and cry all night? The thoughts. Thought about you never finding anyone like him. You never finding love again. You being lonely and miserable the rest of your life. Those thoughts are SO FAR from the truth how your higher self sees your timeline, that it will make you feel really bad. So next time when you are sad, check out your thoughts. This works other way too. Better something feels, more right the direction of your thoughts are. If something makes you feel really good, the thought of it, you know that it´s right way to go. 

You can only connect the dots afterwards. We all want life to go our way. It´s just that life doesn´t always agree. Why can´t I have my way always? Because what the mind thinks it wants, might not always be the best for our journey here on planet Earth. If there would not ever be any shit hitting the fan, we would never grow. Struggles are really the places where you grow the most. If life would always be a fairytale, nobody here wouldn´t learn anything. When you look at your timeline before this moment, you can see how everything has happened in perfect order. That happened so that thing was able to happen. And you can see how hard times led you to understand, learn or change something. So there was a purpose in them too. Despite of the shitstorm you are in right now, know that your path has always Light and nothing is random. If you can stop resisting the experience you are having now, you would free so much capacity to be open for solutions. So surrender, have faith and know that even this serves a purpose. You can´t just see it yet but that time will come.

Breath in, breath out. This too shall pass.

Love, Kaisa

Kaisa W Koskinen, Spiritual Coach, Founder of Empowered Life

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