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mind May 17, 2018

Decisions can sometimes feel superhard to make. It can be overwhelming and frustrating at the same time. Is mind just playing tricks on you or could you learn to know which option is the best for you? I claim that you can and are about to explain how.

Nobody teaches us how to make best possible decisions in life. Decision making seems to be battle between rationalizing mind and emotional heart. We are not taughed how to deal with emotions so it´s easy to rationalize things instead.

Emotions are often seen as scary and random. But they are not. You have a build-in guidance system in you and it works through emotions. You are receiving guidance from your higher self and it´s making you feel certain way. Good emotion means yes and negative emotion means no. Now you just need to tune in to your emotions.

Make lasting, good feeling decisions

When you are struggling with decision making, write all the options down. There are at least 2 options, most likely more. After writing them all down, tune in to one option at a time. Feel how it makes you feel. You will notice how different options make you feel differently.

But it´s not always easy to follow guidance through emotions. Most likely your mind is telling you something else. It tries to rationalize things and calculates risk scenarios. Maybe it might even do it´s best to talk you out of best feeling choice. But don´t let it fool you. 

Always trust your gut and inner feeling over mind´s reasoning. Let´s imagine you are about to buy a new car. Do you buy one just by looking technical qualities or is your decision based on a feeling? If you buy the car that is most reasonable option, you will continue dreaming about the one that made you feel amazing...

This same mechanism goes into any area of life. Job, partner, house, pet, etc. You make all your important decisions based on a good feeling. Now you can start making lasting, good feeling decisions in all the areas of your life.

Next time when you are in grocery store wondering should you get apples or bananas, test how these two options make you feel. And in seconds, you know which one you want to choose.


Sometimes you need time to choose

At times some decisions need to be slept on or need little longer time to gain clarity in. Give yourself time to tune into yourself and feel what is the right choice for you. Mind wants everything at once but consciousness is in no hurry.

So it´s okay at times ponder and tune in to yourself. But don´t use it as an escape mechanism. You know the kind of people who always postpone and procastinate decision making? You don´t want to be one of those people.

You don´t want to lie and fool yourself. You are brave enough to face yourself and what is best for you. So be sure that if you take your time in decision making, it´s not because of avoidance.


Choose good feeling over fear

Fear is the main reason that prevents you making decisions. Fear of choosing wrong and fear of facing the consequencies. When you do decisions based on fear, you make bad and not lasting ones. Great decisions feel good and when they come from fear, it feels negative.

Base your decisions on good feeling. Choose option that feels the best. Trust that your higher self knows better than little mind with limited beliefs.

Follow your joy,

XO Kaisa

Kaisa W Koskinen, Transformational Coach, Master of Economic Sciences, Licensed NLP Trainer


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