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How Not Let Other People Kill Your Vibe

energy self-development Jul 12, 2017

Are you surrounded daily by negative people? Do you feel like your good vibe is getting killed with some people? I know, it sucks! But you know, it doesn´t have to bother you from now on. I'm about to share with you few tricks and realizations that have helped me to keep my frequency high despite of the people around me.

Some people are just in endless loop of negativity and there´s really not much anyone from outside can do for that. So step number one is to realize and recognize that those people get their energy from negativity. And you need to accept that you can't change that in them.

What you can change is your behaviour around negative people and how you decide to react on it. I used to try to fix negativity from others by pointing out positive things instead. I thought that if I could just make the other person see the matter from my perspective, they would change their mind. Well it didn't work. I just got frustrated and pissed. So my advice is, don't try to...

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How to become free of attachment

spiritual growth Jun 18, 2017

One of the big teaching in my life has been to realize how attachment kills everything good. More I get attached to someone, more they feel the need to run away. Because people recognize neediness, even when we don´t realize it in the mind level. The energy of neediness is just repelling. So more thoughts of need we put out there, less we get back. Universe has to reflect our thoughts and when we think we lack something, that is exactly what we get. So how to set yourself free from attachment and that needy energy? By understanding that tighter you try to hold on, further something goes. Try not to own or possess anything in life. Let everything flow as much as possible and let people come and go. You cannot have or own anyone. They are not yours, no matter what kind of agreements of marriage or relationship you have made with them. Nobody owns anyone or anything, we are all free agents here.

To became free of attachment of any kind, is to find the root of it. What does this...

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Get that feminine energy running

energy spiritual growth Jun 18, 2017

In western world nowadays, women can do anything what men do and many women are acting as their men colleagues to succeed. We thrive, hustle, push ourselves to the limits in daily business. In many ways we try to be so equal with men, that we forget that as women we never were meant to do things in the same way as men. But we believe in our smart pretty heads, that´s required and must do in order to succeed.

Well it´s not. I came into this conclusion from energy perspective and because I realized why my life has gone the way it has. All of us, men and women, have masculine and feminine energy running in us. When they are in balance, we get to decide in different situations how we approach and solve the issue by using right kind of energy. But when those energies are out of balance, we use the one that has taken over our energyfield. And in western world, it´s often the masculine energy. Too many women have lost touch to their most precious power, feminine energy....

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