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calling spiritual growth Nov 11, 2017

Calling is something that your soul came here to do. You are not just a body and a mind, you are eternal being having human experience. But it´s easy to forget that and get caught up in human stuff. Worrying about money, are we ever going to make it, what others think and how are relationships doing. Focus goes easily outside of yourself and it's easy to blame circumstances and other people of personal misery.

I have done all that. Blamed on others for making me feel certain way, blamed on circumstances for not making me happy and believing lack of money stops me from having my dream life. But all of that was complete nonsense. They were all just excuses and made me avoid to take responsibility of my own actions and life.

Conscious living is about understanding that everything around you are just reflections. They mirror things and feelings that you are having. Let´s say you walk around with angry mindset. You will for sure find many things to make you even more angry....

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