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What to do when shit hits the fan

At times life just sucks you in it´s web. Hello negative thoughts, downward spiral in energy and all kinds of crab happening simultaneously. I don´t know if it´s Universe´s cruel joke but it seems there is always a bundle of shit when it starts to hit the fan. If it was just one thing, then it could be more easily managed. But no, it´s shitload and everything seems to come down at once. What a beautiful experience.

When it happens and life is showing it´s ugly face, what can you do to get yourself out of that downward spiral? Here are my top 3 tips how to get yourself out and feeling better again.

Thoughts are energy. More you think about negative stuff, more you feel like shit. Thoughts are energy and they are affecting your energy field all the time. But instead of forcing yourself to try thinking positive stuff (which is not going to work, if you don´t believe those thoughts), try surrendering to your thoughts. Let´s say I would...

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Stop needing and start choosing

Everyone wants to feel that they are in charge of their lives but very few feel that it´s true. We get so caught up in living from outside impulses that we forget how to live from the powercenter we already have in us.

How many things in your life you think that you NEED to get done and do? I would stop right there with the word need. Basically when you are telling yourself that you need to do this and that, what you are really saying is "I hate to do this, but I´m forcing myself anyway." No wonder life feels pretty shitty from doing things day in and out from thought energy like that.

So how to shift gears and start to feel that you actually CHOOSE what you want to do and put your energy into? With self-empowerment. What I mean by empowerment is that you start realizing that nobody other than yourself is making you to do anything. You actually are the chooser of everything you decide to do. It´s just easy and unresponsible to outsource that to someone else like a...

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