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What to do when shit hits the fan

At times life just sucks you in it´s web. Hello negative thoughts, downward spiral in energy and all kinds of crab happening simultaneously. I don´t know if it´s Universe´s cruel joke but it seems there is always a bundle of shit when it starts to hit the fan. If it was just one thing, then it could be more easily managed. But no, it´s shitload and everything seems to come down at once. What a beautiful experience.

When it happens and life is showing it´s ugly face, what can you do to get yourself out of that downward spiral? Here are my top 3 tips how to get yourself out and feeling better again.

Thoughts are energy. More you think about negative stuff, more you feel like shit. Thoughts are energy and they are affecting your energy field all the time. But instead of forcing yourself to try thinking positive stuff (which is not going to work, if you don´t believe those thoughts), try surrendering to your thoughts. Let´s say I would...

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Letting people go

There's a belief that we should hold on to people, that we have once chosen into our lives. It can be friendship, marriage or any other bond. One day or over the years we realize, that this relationship doesn't feel good anymore. Maybe it hasn't for a long time but out of a habit, we still keep the person around. 

In my own journey I have let loads of people go. At first it was heartbreaking but then when I realized what really is going on, I started to feel good about it. I will explain how I understand this.

We are eternal souls having human experience. We are made of energy, which is so densified it seems like it's solid. With that energy we send out vibration just like radio tower. We vibrate on the frequency of our thoughts, feelings and inner being called soul. Everything that is going on in us, affects the frequency we are on. In Universe same kind of frequencies attract each other, which is know as law of attraction.

We live our daily life and one day someone comes into...

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How Not Let Other People Kill Your Vibe

energy self-development Jul 12, 2017

Are you surrounded daily by negative people? Do you feel like your good vibe is getting killed with some people? I know, it sucks! But you know, it doesn´t have to bother you from now on. I'm about to share with you few tricks and realizations that have helped me to keep my frequency high despite of the people around me.

Some people are just in endless loop of negativity and there´s really not much anyone from outside can do for that. So step number one is to realize and recognize that those people get their energy from negativity. And you need to accept that you can't change that in them.

What you can change is your behaviour around negative people and how you decide to react on it. I used to try to fix negativity from others by pointing out positive things instead. I thought that if I could just make the other person see the matter from my perspective, they would change their mind. Well it didn't work. I just got frustrated and pissed. So my advice is, don't try to...

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Get that feminine energy running

energy spiritual growth Jun 18, 2017

In western world nowadays, women can do anything what men do and many women are acting as their men colleagues to succeed. We thrive, hustle, push ourselves to the limits in daily business. In many ways we try to be so equal with men, that we forget that as women we never were meant to do things in the same way as men. But we believe in our smart pretty heads, that´s required and must do in order to succeed.

Well it´s not. I came into this conclusion from energy perspective and because I realized why my life has gone the way it has. All of us, men and women, have masculine and feminine energy running in us. When they are in balance, we get to decide in different situations how we approach and solve the issue by using right kind of energy. But when those energies are out of balance, we use the one that has taken over our energyfield. And in western world, it´s often the masculine energy. Too many women have lost touch to their most precious power, feminine energy....

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