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This is how you make great decisions

mind May 17, 2018

Decisions can sometimes feel superhard to make. It can be overwhelming and frustrating at the same time. Is mind just playing tricks on you or could you learn to know which option is the best for you? I claim that you can and are about to explain how.

Nobody teaches us how to make best possible decisions in life. Decision making seems to be battle between rationalizing mind and emotional heart. We are not taughed how to deal with emotions so it´s easy to rationalize things instead.

Emotions are often seen as scary and random. But they are not. You have a build-in guidance system in you and it works through emotions. You are receiving guidance from your higher self and it´s making you feel certain way. Good emotion means yes and negative emotion means no. Now you just need to tune in to your emotions.

Make lasting, good feeling decisions

When you are struggling with decision making, write all the options down. There are at least 2 options, most likely more. After writing...

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Dealing with rejection

mind Jan 10, 2018

I´m sitting in the dark in my apartment. I feel deep sadness after thinking about some people from my past. I feel like I miss someone or something, that is no longer here. Since I´m always curious to know what´s going on when I feel low, I decided to investigate myself about this melancholic feeling.

As time goes by, I seem to be more and more allergic to lower vibrations that certain thoughts and feelings create. This is a story of what I found.

Over the years I have lost and walked out of few friendships and relationships. Sometimes in a more dramatic way than other times. In some cases the "break-up" didn´t bother me that much, two people seemed just to be going into their own directions. And everything happened with ease organically and those relationships just stopped excisting. It felt right and okay.



Now that I think of it, in most cases when I felt okay about relationship ending, I was...

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