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Do you want to be safe or happy?

If you had to choose either happiness or safety, which one would it be? Most choose safety. That´s why there are so many people who don´t feel empowered and whose life doesn´t feel good. Safety is tricky trap of the mind and mind tells to look for it outside of yourself. From things like money, relationship or being accepted. But real safety can never be found outside, it´s inner knowing.

Chasing safety in life comes from the perspective of limited mind and is based on fear. Someone tries to have certain amount of money to feel safe. Only to find out that there is not enough money in the world to bring that feeling. Another one chooses to stay in unhappy relationship because they are afraid to be alone. Happiness can´t be found while living from fear and making choices based on it. It´s just not possible. They come from different sources, happiness comes from heart and fear from mind.

It took me years to take a leap of faith and choose happiness...

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